I was innocently strolling into my golden sunset years, contemplating the purchase of one of those horrible scooter things and learning the intricacies of shuffleboard, when I was rudely snatched up by the collar and thrown headfirst back into the nose-to-the-grindstone world of full time plus overtime work. Consequently Crack Skull Bob has languished, leaving its dwindling cadre of readers in the lurch, and if you've ever been left in the lurch, you don't need to be told that the lurch is no place to be. It's all dank and cobwebby in there, with partially decomposed bodies, mostly moderate Republicans I think, and perfectly edible Cheetos, which, as everyone knows, never decompose. So anyways, that's why I've decided to dredge up old drawrings you might not have seen, to give you the false impression that this is a vibrant, energized, youthful blog. Now to work on CS Bob himself. I'm thinking magenta hair.