I'm all in favor of happy guys. May they flourish all over the goddam place. I'm also in favor of unruly hair. It's a biological fact that unruly hair sprouts from unruly minds. And may unruly minds flourish too. Ruly minds are responsible for most of the suffering in the world. That's the gist of the twelfth law of thermodynamics, as I understand it. Unruly minds roam all over the place, careening off the highway, smashing through guardrails, leaving great ruts in carefully manicured lawns, winding up in someone's dining room, where they suddenly see the connection between London broil and and global warming. In the meantime, the head of the household flips open his fucking BlackBerry and speed-dials his insurance agent, his attorney and the police, and casts a stern gaze at the unruly mind, saying, "You are in a world of hurt, my friend." This is the ruly mind. And that about sums up human experience, as far as I'm concerned. Did I miss anything?