I've been trying to swear off the ranting, I really have. It's just that Fox News has a way of twanging my very last Vestibulocochlear nerve. And I don't even watch them. Little sound bytes from that godforsaken enterprise just seem to ooze through the cracks. Now they're trumpeting the news that the recent blizzards are proof that global warming is a hoax. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! Where does one start? We're accused by our conservative brethren of being condescending and disdainful, but is there any other sane response to this claptrap? It's our solemn duty to be disdainful of this shit! How could anyone who made it out of third grade believe that a blizzard means global warming is fraudulent? Okay. Deep breath. Serenity now. Think calming thoughts. Think about Sean Hannity out in a blizzard in his onesie. Ahhhhhh.