I'm here to make a statement. Because I'm a statement-maker. I have recently been railing against people on the right for claiming that a winter storm in the middle of winter was proof that global warming was a hoax. And I stand by my railing. I cling to my railing. Anyone who says that and believes it is stupid. Anyone who says it and doesn't believe it is something worse than stupid. But that's not my statement. This is my statement: anyone who claimed that Katrina was proof that global warming does exist has done exactly the same thing. Anyone who spent a particularly warm summer last year and claims that as proof of global warming is being just as stupid.  Two things: weather is not the same as climate. And climate science deals in statistical averages. Individual weather events are proof of nothing. Claiming that a weather event proves global warming allows some other idiots to claim another weather event disproves it. Both sides are poisoning the well of public discourse, such as it is. We all need to stop braying like children and talk like adults. Fucking poopyheads.