Breaking news: strip mall next to Ghent's Harris Teeter is demolished (presumably to make room for a new, bigger Harris Teeter, finally), revealing a long-lost artifact from a previous civilization. I knew the Etruscans had been skulking around in the BC's, but they fled during the Pre-Welshian Influx. Maybe this statue was in the spare room or the mother-in-law suite, and they just forgot about it. I'll bet when they got back to Etruscia, they were kicking themselves. Because the Pre-Welsh were a barbaric lot, not given to art appreciation--pretty much like the Fully-Realized Welsh of modern times.* So this piece probably ended up out in the garage, where it languished for eons. And now it awaits a 21st -Century Liberace to rescue it for his foyer. 

*I don't really have anything against the Welsh, I'm just trying to suck up to an acquaintance who harbors an ugly prejudice. Actually, I have a good friend who had a one-nighter with Tom Jones. So there you go.