You ski aficionados, or “snow bunnies”, will recognize this as Snowmess, one of the more exclusive ski resorts around. Y’all probably don’t know that I’m quite an accomplished skier, or “pin-head”. Yeah, I do my share of shredding and carving, but I also hurl carcass like a crazy man. I’ve been told I’m something of a show-dog or powderhound. Guilty as charged, your honor! Sure, I like to toss the goobers a Kodak moment or three, but what else are you supposed to do while waiting for the vermin to stop toilet-turning in front of the lift, man? Yeah, I love the life.There’s nothing like heading for the lodge with a leg cast and a snotsicle, knowing there’s a big cup of hot cocoa waiting for you. With marshmallows. 

I know what you’re thinking, but I swear on a stack of bibles that I was at the place pictured above yesterday. So get off my case! My case is getting all stove in with y’all’s footprints all over it. My PO is going to think I’m living out of my car again.