I avoid ranting as long as I can these days, but it builds up in me like the egg sac of a brown recluse. And then it's gotta blow. So, get ready, America (or the tiny little corner of America that's reading this):

Today’s rant was spurred by reading that conservatives are accusing liberals of being condescending and insulting to the “common people”, the tea party attendees, ignoring their wishes, sneering haughtily in their innocent upturned faces, the people with whom the Republicans are so empathetic, people who will go their entire lives without saying “with whom”, the veritable salt of the earth, whose salt our dear right wing friends lick with naked lust, while embracing them as blood brothers. 

What a crock of shit! The spittle has hardly dried from the presidential campaign, which was punctuated with the shrill complaints of the right that the mindless masses were being hypnotized and led away in lockstep by the empty celebrity of a master charlatan. Remember that, Republicans? You labeled the majority of voters in America dupes! What a convenient sweet amnesia you indulge in. And your lustbunny Sarah Palin has the gall to stand up and ask those who put their money on Hope and Change--the majority of American voters--”How’s that workin’ out for ya?” Have you asked yourselves at whose expense she’s laughing? Of course not. Introspection is a decadent luxury of the elite. Time to grab a pitchfork and storm the ramparts! But first make sure your bespoke suit is hanging safely in the closet--wouldn’t want to get mud on it.