It could be argued that what you're sketching when you sketch is not objects but what happens to light when it strikes objects. After all, what squeezes itself through the little black hole and boinks on the rods and cones is light, not actual coffee-cup molecules. And light travels at nearly the speed of light, so why doesn't it knock us across the room, if not farther? Something moving that fast should propel you through a whole series of interior walls, leaving you-shaped holes in your wake, eventually depositing you in your kidney-shaped pool, where, as you slowly sink to the bottom, you fervently wish you had hired a pool boy instead of wasting your money on a MacBook. Because who's going to fish you out now? 

Now I've left myself open to someone saying how dare I make fun of Republicans when I don't even know how science works, something very like which was uttered about me in the comments section of another blog a short while ago. Well, as they say, all PR is good PR.