The more alert among you will notice that there are not any actual naked figures here. I applaud your perspifuckingcacity. I didn't quite make it to drawing group, just to the apres-drawing binge-drinking fest. Can't say I don't have my priorities in order. And gosh, there are so many apres-draw topics I could touch on here, most of which are causing apres-draw attendees to quake in their drawers as they read this. The powerful feeling this produces is positively heady. Let's see, who shall I skewer? I've promised to speak no ill of Abby, so she gets a pass. I've already mentioned Devon, to his dismay, and I promise there will be no more mention of the time he evidently masturbated in spinning class, so he should be relieved on that count. Which brings us to Artmark, and I swear I'd just as soon leave him alone, but he insists on spewing such quotable quotes after dirty martini #3 it would be irresponsible of me as a faux journalist not to share some of them with my rapt audience. Unfortunately, I always have a little trouble putting a context to the things I hear, partly because I'm on martini #2 myself, but I swear I heard him discussing the difficulty of procuring crotchless pantyhose for the dwarves in his drawing class. I know! I share your sense of horror! But I'm a mere journalist, and I can but report what I hear. For example, he seems to have a soft spot for little black fishermen in their striped shirts. Yes, I'm recoiling in disgust right along with you, but I feel compelled to report what I hear and let the chips fall where they may. I have my ethical standards, after all.