For those of you who have come here looking for sickening tales of debauchery and lasciviousnessitude, i have to report that the discussion was comparatively polite tonight. Well, okay, there was a bit of Steven Hawking-bashing, but who hasn't engaged in that? Let ye who are without glass houses cast the first stone or however that goes. And Monsieur Hawking is in the doghouse with some of us, for his scaring off any aliens who were about to make contact with us bearing gifts and mucus and seed pods. Remember those people in Independence Day who gathered on the roof of a skyscraper in LA to welcome the aliens, and who got burned to a crisp by said aliens? Well, a couple have apparently survived, and now attend drawing group here in Norfolk. 

Okay, and there was one more thing: after a spirited discussion, it was decided that Artmark's porn name should be Squat Dirty. This is by far the most sensible thing to come out of apres-draw in a long time.