Don't be fooled by the avuncularity on display here. The force is strong in this one. And by that I mean a bad force, one that has long ago been put in the employ of the dark side. Oh, I know what you're thinking: "Are you mad? Good old Chris Bonney, gentle raconteur, humble gardener, wise old focus group leader, seduced by the forces of darkness?" In a word, yes. Case in point: on the one day I choose to visit the Bonney Estate haberdasherily adorned, namely wearing my spanking new New Orleans hipster fedora, Doc shows up to give me a ride in a convertible. A convertible! Put two and two together, people! Do you see the subtle cunning here? You've got to give him credit. Hats off, doc--NOT!*

*That NOT construction may seem hopelessly out of date, but I'm using it ironically, so it's really very hip, to go with my hat. In fact, you can consider this a blanket caveat: any time you read something here that seems stupid, corny, or dated, be assured that I mean it ironically.