After seeing some new watercolors by Laurelines, I decided to leave my laptop at home and show up at figure drawing with just my watercolors. What a fucking moron. I had a terrible time. The fact that the only salvageable work was a loony pencil sketch of artmark says it all. Apres-draw was equally bereft of highlights. In the past, I have been able to bring back lurid tales of Devon's onanistic habits and dwarves in crotchless pantyhose, but the best I can come up with tonight is that a guy from South America once described Rennie's house. I know, it seems like an element is missing from this anecdote, but that's it in its entirety. I'm very sorry. If I were a less ethical person, I could speculate on why artmark left a quarter inch of his martini and both olives in his hurry to vacate the premises, but on this topic I am the soul of discretion.