I'm not going to say anything bad about people who like to paint pictures of barns. More power to them, I say. Well, a little more power to them, not unlimited power to them. I wouldn't want to be told which side of the street I could park on on Tuesdays by a person who likes to paint pictures of barns. For one thing, I don't own a car, so what would I park? They might suggest a tractor or a combine, and I don't have either of those, either. So you see my problem.

By the way, just to head off scurrilous comments by certain readers, and you know who you are (well, you all know who you are, but especially you scurrilous-comment-makers know who you are), that's not a naughty bit hanging out of the man's pantleg, it's one of the poles holding up the painting wall. So just behave yourself and say something nice.