This is Ron Neale, a fellow art director/illustrator from the glory days at Lawler Ballard many years ago. Ron likes to dismantle and pack up his big-ass telescope and reassemble it on Colley Avenue in front of the Naro, to give people a look at whatever's on the bill up in the sky. Last night it was a blow-you-away version of the surface of the moon in amazing detail, plus as a second feature, a view of Saturn that I didn't get a chance to see, being shouldered out of the way by moviegoers pouring out of the theater, yearning to ooh and ahh over the celestial show after urghing and arghing over The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Ron doesn't make a cent on this non-entrepreneurial venture, he just wants other people to see what he sees. After a day of dealing with banker types who looked at me and saw only profit, loss and risk, it did me good to run into Ron again. Thanks, pal.