Julia Kay's Portrait Party

I was supposed to be at drawing group tonight, but I had a run-in with nature this afternoon, an experience I'm just now beginning to recover from. I found myself with nothing to do after lunch, so like a fool I decided to mow the lawn. Artists don't mow lawns!! I forgot. No sooner had I started off than I hit a bare patch and was immersed in a cloud of dirt, much as I imagine I would be if I were standing next to a camel and it shuddered. I also managed to aspirate a month's accumulation of pollen and spent the next two hours sneezing out much-needed and sorely-missed brain cells onto my computer screen. So like I say, I'm just now recovering from this ghastly confrontation with the natural world, just in time, coincidentally, to stumble over to Shucks and see if the drawing group is holding court, so I can gather scandalous anecdotes for my next post. Bye now.