Jesus, I feel like I've been cleaning out a particularly foul latrine for the last hour. In my attempt to see if I could come up with a fresh perspective on an editorial cartoon about the court martial of the Navy Seal who allegedly punched an alleged terrorist and then allegedly lied about it, I read an online newspaper article about it, and then the comments section. If any of you is interested in maintaining your faith in the essential goodness of the human race, do not read this comments section. This being a Navy town, I expected the usual amount of macho posturing by ex-Navy types and their groupies. What I didn't expect was the virulence and hatred spewed by these guys. Their basic stance was, if it had been them, the subject would never have come up because they would have put a couple of bullets in the alleged terrorist's brain pan the moment they encountered him--problem solved! But they didn't stop there. They were equally angry at the sailors who witnessed the incident, at the brass who investigated it, and at anyone who disagrees, however mildly, that the Seals in question should be worshiped as heroes, and expressed that anger in truly disgusting ways. Of course, these guys get to hide behind anonymity and use fake names. Heroism only goes so far. I swear I don't know why the Pilot doesn't apply the same rules here as it does to the Letters section of its editorial page. If these testosterone-drunk patriots had to identify themselves before speaking, they'd be a lot more inclined to behave like adult human beings.