That's Joe Flanagan up top there, reporting on the recent escape of demons from Hell right there at Town Point Park. Man, I blew it. I thought I'd be smart and get to Harborfest early and get light crowds, fresh food, etc. When I got there I learned that the Bodeans were playing tonight at 8:30! I love the Bodeans! You think I'm just talking shit, don't you? Admit it. Well go download Still The Night from their first album and see if you don't agree with me. And they probably played it tonight too! But I couldn't wait around at Harborfest for four frickin hours. Even an hour looking at my drawing buddy Mike Bell's amazing work in Waterside just made a little dent in the wait. Oh well. This was my first Harborfest since they re-landscaped Town Point Park, and I tried to appreciate it, I really did. But it's so damn flat and treeless now! Oh, sure, there are saplings around, but what good are saplings? By the time they provide any decent shade I'll be upstairs enjoying my 72 bags of Puffy Cheetos. Shade is in short supply at the new waterfront. But I did have some good food from a Trinidadian stand, so that's something.