Is there any chance of the political process producing people who are up to the challenges we face today? Obama's election seems more and more like a freak accident, a fever dream in which so many of us were caught up in the heady fantasy of electing a black president. In a way, the last couple of years have been like a microcosm of the sixties, when we were dreamily convinced that we were changing the world, that nothing could possibly be the same again, and then we watched as the heavy, inexorable tides wore down our crumbly little castles that we had imagined were the ramparts of the new world. And it wasn't a case of the Others defeating us, it was us slowly becoming the Others. If you ever see me in a dark suit and red tie, shoot me. If Obama's election has done anything for me, it's made me feel good again about being a bleeding-heart liberal who believes in moral relativism and apologizing to our enemies and bringing socialism to our shores and converting St. Patrick's cathedral to a mosque and all the other things that the jowly old white men in dark suits and red ties tell me we're doing wrong. Viva la something or other!