This week we were serenaded with live music provided by a guitarist and a guy playing a tiny xylophone. Nice music in the main, but occasionally reminiscent of Captain Hook trying to practice his chords while Tinkerbell harrassed him. My drawing efforts were distracted by the uncanny resemblance of the model, Jeff, to my friend Douglas Burdett. I tend to get mildly uncomfortable when Douglas removes his necktie, let alone any other items of clothing, so you can imagine how disturbing it was to see his surrogate's willie flapping in the wind. Further distraction was provided by the puddle of urine underneath Nichole's chair, which no one dared mention. And speak of distractions, boy howdy, we all had to endure Doug's quizzing us about "gay crunking", not that there's anything wrong with that, whatever it is. So, all in all, a typical drawing group night.