No sooner had I posted this to Facebook than Dr. Research complained that I hadn't drawn him smiling. There's a very good reason for that. The Bonney smile can reduce a grown man to tears. That grown man is Douglas Burdett of Norfolk, Virginia, and just about anything can reduce him to tears. I know he's a grown man because he wears a bow tie and he doesn't even have to. Anyone who purposefully evokes comparisons to  Pee Wee Herman must be a grown man to not care whether people question his maturity. Let's see, who else can I insult? How about that John McCain, is he a dick or what? Here we thought he had squandered his reputation during the Presidential campaign, but he found a wee bit of reputation down in the corners of the container and managed to squander that too. In a primary, no less. Now he has completed the transformation from an independent intelligent conservative into a cowering tea party clone. He has renounced everything of value he once believed. He was a genuine hero, and we'll never forget that. But he could have been so much more.