Friday was a great day for celebrating Norfolk. A walk on the beach at Ocean View (beats the Oceanfront hands down in my book) followed by beer and steamed shrimp at the one-of-a-kind Greenies. 

If your idea of stimulating conversation is sailors bragging to each other that they have actually had sex (and whose isn't?) then Greenies on a Friday afternoon is the place for you. And if you think a Tower of Beer at 1 pm is not peaking too early, then Greenies is the place for you squared! Reportage on this subject here.

As if this weren't enough, we hit The Boot for dinner and Cogan's for late-night speech-slurring. Norfolk at its finest. And if your idea of blowing out the pipes is to hop in the Beemer and head for a chain restaurant at Town Center, well, more power to you. Keeps the pastel-ass riffraff off our streets.