One thing about watching an NFL football game on TV is you get exposed to the mainstream commercials that you can avoid by sticking to obscure cable channels and public tv, which I usually do. Today while watching Tony Romo get that intolerable smile wiped off his face, I saw such an astoundingly stupid commercial that I did a spit take, and I didn't have anything in my mouth. It was a dry spit take, which can be quite painful. This commercial began with a bunch of Redcoats lined up, as Redcoats are wont to do, waiting to engage in battle with colonists, and the colonists showed up driving sports cars! Once they had run over, sideswiped, and routed the poor Redcoats, the cars parked and George Washington jumped out of one of them. It was a hopefully Monty Pythonesque moment that never materialized. The voiceover put the nails in that comedic coffin. It went "There's a couple of things America got right. Cars, and freedom." America got cars right? The sheer wrong-headed chutzpah of that statement makes Donald Trump seem like a humble shrinking wallflower in comparison. America got cars right. And it was said with a straight face. Well, it's good to know that the ad industry hasn't gained any stature since I left.