I'm glad I wasn't born in the Middle Ages, because I'm pretty sure I would have been a peasant, and I don't feel I'm cut out for peasantry. Oh sure, I dress sloppily and my personal hygiene is kind of hit-or-miss, but my work ethic sucks. I would have been a disgrace to the peasant class. And if you can't make it as a peasant, where do you go from there? Keep in mind, the Tea Party wasn't invented yet. Ah ha ha ha ha, a little political humor there, for you current-events types. Peasants weren't even thought of as sentient beings by the nobility. A duke would come home from the office, accept his cup of mead from the duchess, and say "What a day! I got a peasant stuck in my carriage wheel this morning. It was beastly inconvenient!" and then take a sniff of his perfumed hankie. So being a peasant would have been hard on my self-esteem. Plus there was the plague.