I've been kind of disorganized in posting stuff these days. Too many damn venues. I posted this to Facebook a few days ago, and Flickr, I think, but plumb forgot about here on my blog, where Frank and Carol sit patiently, listening to the crickets. Now when and if this is fed back to Facebook (they're very erratic about such things) people there will be subjected to it a second time. Sigh. I've abandoned Twitter, an infernal instrument which has forced me to come face to face with the cold fact that I lead too dull a life to maintain any kind of tweet presence, although in my defense even the interesting tweeters, or twits, become unbearable after a few hundred tweets about how very interesting they are. And I've managed to completely avoid  those little maps that tell us exactly where someone we barely know is taking a dump at this precise moment. Solitude! Is this what we're in the process of losing? Being silent, letting the incessant chatter die down, being alone in the real world. Is that so scary? As much as I love my iMac, my front porch is much more conducive to my mental health. And now I'm polluting that serene spot with my iPad. It's hopeless.