I am, as of yet, much more adept at Montezuma's Revenge, Magic Fiddle and FlipBoard than at any of the drawing apps on the iPad. And yet I persevere, because John Koehler has requested that I join the iPad artists showing on the 13th, and if you know John Koehler, you know that he "requests" things the way a burly CIA agent "requests" the names of your co-conspirators as he jams a funnel up your bum and commences to pour in the Texas Pete. But let's gently set Mr. K aside; I'm here to endorse the iPad, which is every bit as amazing as its commercials claim. If you're waiting to see what clunky, ungainly,hastily slapped-together-in-the-manner-of-a-Popular-Mechanics-home-project knock-offs inevitably emerge from the Consumer Electronics show, forget it. Apple got it right.