I dropped by Drawing Group’s new space tonight on my way to al Kahol, and was kinda surprised at how small the space is. Back when it was the University Gallery, it was much larger, but has been partitioned. I know I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, because it’s probably really smelly in there cause it’s full of Trojans who have been cooped up in there for hours with no facilities. And I think we all remember what Homer said about the gastrointestinal system of your Trojan. No, it’s a fine space, with air conditioning and restrooms, and if it’s a little shallow, that just spurs us on either side to hone our foreshortening skills. I guess it’s academic to me, since I seem to end up drawing the drawers. This is probably heresy among my peers, but to me, the naked figure in the model’s limited repertoire of poses gets kind of repetitious after a while, while all the variously clothed forms of the drawers in all their natural attitudes are endlessly fascinating. And the opportunity to draw Doug’s hairy leg is worth it all.