A constant source of low-level background-noise anxiety is the fact that the gap between my understanding of the physical world and the current state of scientific knowledge is widening like a crevasse in a globally-warmed glacier. A Venn diagram of my knowledge base and the various disciplines of sciences would not consist of some pretty tinted circles, but a giant scary black hole. I’ve been watching a series of Nova programs on recent developments, and I may as well be watching a Republican debate for all the useful information I extract from them. I know about as much about “electricity” as Herman Cain knows about Libya, which probably accounts for my refusal to stop using my laptop in the bathtub despite the fact that I have on several occasions awakened the next morning in a naked heap behind the toilet totally devoid of body hair. What has spurred my interest is this whole space/time continuum thing, which posits, if I understand it correctly, that Star Trek, except for the stupid plot lines and hackneyed dialogue and amateur acting, had it right. And man, I could really make use of time travel. The very first thing I would do is travel back to 1913 and find the guy who was about to introduce the bill establishing the IRS and smother him in his sleep. That would solve a lot of my problems right there. See, I still believe that science can have a beneficial effect on mankind. Oops, and womankind too. Oh what the hell, and animalkind too. Except for black cats with poor toilet training.