I keep a notepad next to my computer, alongside the syringe and the Monkey Chow and the rotting gourd and the expired chauffeur’s license and the clothespin painted light green and the Ace pocket comb and the refrigerator magnet made from a Red Bull can. And in that notepad I record things I read or hear that I think are worth remembering. And when the notepad is full I set it aside for two years or so, and then I pick it up again and leaf through it and say “WTF???” I picked up such a notepad this morning and opened it to a random page, and read the following:

“Papering the wall is due to his crazed mind.”

“As you can guess from my leg, I am a mutant. My name is Gregory.”

“It’s time to let Bobo persuade you.”

I think you’ll agree that these were well worth writing down, but I’d sure like to know what they mean. If you have any information about them, I’d be prepared to pay top dollar for it. After all, it may be gibberish, but it’s high-quality gibberish.