And I, knowing you lot would be too lazy to get up early to see him, having stayed up late carousing and peeing in the bushes and whatnot, attended and recorded. He was there to speak to a retail merchants association, so most of what was said was along the lines of Title C-47a depreciation requirements are bleeding us dry, so it sailed right over my head, conveniently. My knowledge of retail merchandising is limited to: sometimes I buy stuff. However, a high point for me was when some of them started complaining about Obama’s healthcare initiative, and how resentful they were. Warner, who is not a doctrinaire liberal at all but a pragmatic business type, spoke in defense of the plan, saying he voted for it not because it’s perfect but because doing something was infinitely better than doing nothing. And the way things work is, you try it and see what works and what doesn’t, and then you change the things that don’t. Duh. Or it would be a duh if the people who are charged with seeing what works were pragmatists like Warner, instead a bunch of pinheads who define “what doesn’t work” as anything with the name Obama attached to it. Another interesting thing Warner said was one way to start to free us from the grip of political polarization that is paralyzing us right now is for each of us to find one person in the opposing party who is reasonable, sensible, open-minded, willing to compromise, and support them. Something to think about.

Yesterday a friend, in a discussion of similar topics, brought up the old quote, “cometh the hour, cometh the man.” I’m 90% sure she was not referring to a sexual timetable, but to current events. Okay, 65% sure. Well, the time hath cometh. It’s hereth already.  Whence cometh the man? Or the little lady, as the case may be? They’re fucking lateth!