I’m thinking about Cindy Woods today. I always think of her around Christmas time, maybe because of her drawings of her housemates with charmingly cockeyed Santa hats. Cindy was a more talented and more courageous artist than I will ever be; she was incredibly prolific, and her art was and is meaningful in a way that no one else’s is. Her eye was pitiless, and the honesty of her vision granted her subjects a sense of dignity and humanity. Her drawings say “I see you exactly as you are, and I love you.” What a tremendous gift for them, and for us.

Cindy drew on a drugstore notepad with a #2 pencil. She didn’t matte and frame her art and hang it on sterile walls for people dressed in black to pose in front of. When she died, three years ago, her sketching friends vowed to put out a book of her work, so the rest of the world could see what we saw. Since we were, and still are, mere humans, that never happened, but I’m going to make weak amends by posting one of her drawings here every day for a while. And I encourage you to visit her website, Just pick any of the months on the archive list in the right-hand column. I promise you your time will be well-spent.