I think I see the reason this hotel project is running into trouble. Take a gander at the type of people this place is going to attract: big, loud, baggy-pants guys in goofball hats. Doesn’t the Beach have plenty of them already?

I’m a big fan of incidental people in artists’ renderings. They reveal a lot about the artists. This one, for example, obviously believes in time travel. That big guy is straight out of a 1940’s screwball comedy. Back in the old days at the ad agency, we used to order up our really important tv storyboards from New York, because MINE apparently weren’t GOOD ENOUGH for our fancy-pants creative directors. Anyway, we used to have great fun spotting sinister-looking background characters. I remember one who looked just like John Wayne Gacy. Needless to say, that spot was shot down by the client, who probably thought the appearance of a serial killer in a Virginia Lottery spot was problematic. Philistine.