Just when I had finally assimilated the news that one of our number, a fellow known locally for frolicking naked around civic monuments, and therefore safely in the camp of the misfits, different-drum marchers, and relatively intelligent denizens of the left, was instead a card-carrying Republican, I discoverer tonight that another of our number has a Palin sticker plastered on the rear window of his giant SUV. Jesus, people! I mean, granted, at least this one looks like a Republican, but what if it gets out that Norfolk Drawing Group harbors a nascent cell of militiamen who believe that poor people are poor because they're lazy, that corporations are people, and that Obama was born in bin Laden's rumpus room. I mean, the only thing a Republican has any business doing with a naked young person is molesting them in a bus station restroom, am I right? Oh, the ignominiousness! I sure hope this doesn't get any farther than the internet.