I have a friend who bullies me into manning the shelter one night a year. One night! There's no credit to be had here. In fact, some may see me taking advantage of these people--I obviously do a lot of sketching here. And that's true enough. One thing I've learned, and it sure has taken me a long time, is that there are no clear demarcations of good and bad. It's all various shades of mud, and the best you can hope to do is lighten the shade a bit. There are ladies from the churches here who work their butts off providing hot meals, and yet they'll take a break and say blindly insensitive things to each other. And then dive back into their unpaid work. They probably do it just to feel good about themselves. But so what? People get fed. And you and I can move on to the next piece of internet eye candy, content in the knowledge that things are being taken care of.

Tonight is the last night for Portsmouth's shelters until the fall. Things are not being taken care of. I wonder what's new on Facebook?