...and I climbed it today! Third time's a charm! This time I had a strategy: I established a base camp about halfway up, and drank some of that awful 5-hour energy potion to get me the rest of the way. I would have brought some of that freeze-dried stuff they sell you in shiny foil packets at hardcore extreme hiking places like Eddie Bauer, but they don't have stores like that in Ghent, and it's a pretty long walk to the bus stop, so I settled for some Dippin' Dots. I tried to hire a native guide, but they all backed away from me. I could see the fear in their eyes. They were clearly intimidated by the monumental challenge I had taken on. As they quickly shepherded their children out of the playground in which this massif is located, I turned to the task in solitude, knowing that all men must ultimately confront their destinies alone. The gals, of course, like to do things in groups, and they're all like chattering and giggling about how small men's penises are and whatnot while they're facing their destinies, and who needs that, right, guys? So, where was I? Oh yeah, so I climbed to the top and took in the majestic vista, which consisted mostly of the second-floor windows of the house across the street, but nobody was undressing in them, so I came back down.