Look at that, folks! Or maybe it's presumptuous of me to use the term "folks". What's the singular of folks? I shouldn't assume that more than one person has failed to migrate to Facebook, where a post of mine is but one among several hundred confronting each Facebooker at whatever moment during the day they're able to sneak a look at their FB page instead of whatever they're supposed to be doing, and who's going to bother clicking on an entry which they can see perfectly well from the thumbnail will be of no interest to them, since it's clearly not a happy birthday message or a note telling them what coffee shop I just parked my fat ass in or an update on devon's romantic status or an announcement that I had managed to collect yet another beautiful clip-art picture of a freakin easter egg or, or, or ok restart

Look at that, person or persons! I'm using old-fashioned art-making utensils, in this case a #4 pencil. It was one of those nights when the digital world let me down. I had more undos than dos. Meaning, I guess, that I was so bad I even threw away a drawing from last time. Thank god for the humble #4 pencil. By the way, my little sister Lynne has an absolutely horrible story about the sex life of the bedbug. If you write to her at lchrap at yahoo dot com, I'm sure she'll be happy to share it with you.