The thing is, it's not a good likeness. It doesn’t capture the essence of this model at all. If she was a criminal on the loose and this was the police artist’s rendering of her, she wouldn’t have a thing to worry about. She could walk the streets without a disguise of any kind. Well, except for clothes. Barenaked people tend to attract the attention of the authorities. But back to portraiture. Women are difficult for me. And they’re hard to draw too. For one thing, they generally have smoother features, lacking the hideous bumps and creases and knobs that make men easier to draw recognizably. I’m speaking in generalities, of course. I’m told that Crack Skull Bob is a favorite of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and I want to make sure I’m speaking their language. Anyways, even though the more remotely-located of you would never know what a botched likeness this was, a dislikeness as it were, an artist is nothing if not honest. Therefore an artist is nothing. Here endeth the lesson.