Walking on eggshells here at Ridicule Central tonight. Well, who can I safely disparage? There's only one answer, really: Squat Dirty. Tonight's news is that Squat Dirty has a new lady friend, who is under the misapprehension that I am somehow responsible for his name, which I'm not, of course. Squat Dirty is one of those names that seem sui generis, the kind of name that when you hear it, you're compelled to shout, "OMG! That is so him!" Anyways, she requests that I change his name, as if I had that power, to "Suave Dirty", which is so wrong that it is somehow right. It's growing on me, at any rate, although I have to insist that such decisions are above my pay grade. Aaand, that's about all I've got tonight. As I was reminded in a metaphorically chest-poking way tonight, sometimes I'm just not funny, and this must be one of those times.