Someone had the brilliant idea of moving the main light to a more directly overhead position so that for us on the loser side of the room the model was no longer a dark silhouette looming before the perfectly-lit painters on the other side. Oops, that was an uncharitable beginning, wasn't it? Thank God I don't believe in He who is referenced at the front of this sentence, am I right? Can I get an amen? Is it okay to say that? I have a blogger friend on the, shall we say, less nuanced end of the political spectrum, who believes that it is wrong for us to use slang expressions that belong to other ethnic groups, for instance, someone of my persuasion saying "oy vey!" or "you go, girl!", and he would also probably object, as many of the rest of you might, to my habit of writing interminable sentences infested with clouds of randomly-dispersed commas, or perhaps he wouldn't, and perhaps you wouldn't, what do I know, you know? Okay, I think I have accumulated enough words for a legitimate blog post. I'm very grateful that studies show that it's not necessary to actually say anything meaningful when you're communicating digitally. Takes a lot of pressure off bloggers.