Apparently, anything that makes Joe The Plumber exercise his brain on anything more challenging than the teevee guide is elitist these days. Or so we're instructed by our cuddly friends in the Republican Party. God know what they would have thought if they'd actually met our Founding Fathers, most of whom, when they weren't busy ringin' them bells and warnin' them British as they rode through New Hampshire, found time to actually read books and stuff. Oh, don't get me started. (My three conservative friends Sam, Douglas and Robert: "We DIDN'T get you started! You got your own self started, nitwit!" Me: "Hey, don't insult me on my own blog, you three conservatives!" Them: "You're making THIS up too! We haven't said anything in reality!" Me: "Okay. Okay. Point taken.") So anyways, to wrap up, this cartoon bumps up against the limits of what I understand about the world of quantum whatchamacallits, and you all are probably better off for it.