This here is Doug Clarke, shooting the Norfolk harbor (for you Brits who are scratching your heads at this term, a translation: “harbour”) with his big-ass camera, which, surprisingly, has not attracted a gaggle of police boats swarming like water bugs, manned by manly types barking conceivably witty but totally unintelligible observations through antiquated bullhorns at us while we wave happily and give hearty thumbs-up, as happened the other day. Doug brought his young son, who quickly tested the comfort facilities on board, prompting Cap’n John to avoid larger waves, cognizant as he was of the possible consequences of excessive bobbing. Although, during the exposition of a Cap’n John seafaring yarn, he did manage to collide with a buoy, disrupting the dramatic arc of his tale. Just as well, we were finding it difficult to listen with comprehension. I think it was the bullhorn.