Those among you with superior visual acuity will have noticed that this is not a figure drawing at all. Others of you, and you know who you are, can call off your hunt for tits; they’re not there. This is Margaret’s Grocery, outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and it’s more amazing than I can convey in a poor facsimile, and what is art but poor facsimiles, huh? Huh? . Didn’t make it to drawing session tonight--had too much work--but made sure to show up for bons mots at Shucks afterwards, and the mots were bons, indeed, reaching a crescendo during a recollection of a scandalous Moulin-Rouge fist bump with jazz hands executed by Artmark and Bernard, a moment that will live in drawing group infamy, apparently. And the broiled vs, fried crabcakes controversy was finally settled in my favor, thanks to Judge Carol, and seconded by Sheila and Ally, who promptly ordered broiled and were rewarded by some of the best fucking crabcakes in Hampton Roads, served up by Kimberly, the best fucking server in Hampton Roads, the end..