Back in the days when I worked in a little square office with no windows, I filled my spare time with this little email zine-y thing, desperate as I was to be doing something that wasn't aimed at advancing some commercial endeavor or another. I always made a point of doing these things in the evenings and pre-dawn hours, but my boss still suspected I was churning these out "on my dime", and he woul glower at me from his glass cubicle across the way. I just wasn't made for working in offices. Can't believe it took me decades to realize it. I tried hard to be a grownup and an employee, I really did. At one time I owned a house, a big car, I had a 401k, several neckties, the works. It just didn't take. It took me a while, but one important thing I learned was if you're a failure at something, that makes you a success at something else. It's like the 8th law of thermodynamics or something. Something equal and opposite happens. You just have to find out what it is.