This here is from 2006, during Virginia's Senatorial race. Nothing's changed. I used that word "thus" up there in the title to identify myself as an elitist, but not a snobby elitist, hence the "this here" to begin copy. But an elitist nonetheless, hence the "hence". For that matter, "nonetheless" has 9 letters or more, which is elitist--I could easily have used "anyways". Heck, "marvelous" has 9 or more letters, and WTF?? (that one shows I'm in touch with the kids ((but not inappropriately))) Obama is accusing Romney of elitism?? I voted for Obama precisely because he's an elitist! Don't be calling Romney a goddam elitist! (cursing shows I'm a salt-of-the-earth elitist.) I swear, Obama's political advisors have just about run him into the ditch. They've undermined just about every moral position he ran on, leaching the enthusiasm from his base. Good thing the Republicans are so besotted with Tea, spiked as it is with venality, selfishness and fear. And that's Today's Chuckle.