A bit of serendipitous synergy: I noticed today that the curve of my new glasses matches perfectly the arch of my eyebrows and the furrows of my forehead. It’s as if the glasses were plonked onto the calm fleshy surface of my visage, radiating epidermal waves that eventually crash against the rocky shore of my hairline, sending out white foamy sprays of...well, of hair. That didn’t end too poetically, I grant you that. Man, I am sick unto death of granting people things. Sometimes it seems like that’s all I do. I begrudge the granting. I’m a vengeful begrudging grantor. So anyway, this perceived synergy: in order to manifest it to the world at large, I have to maintain a constant air of mild surprise bordering on bewilderment, as if I’d been talking to a prominent matron and seen a beetle emerge from between her plump, scarlet lips. Not a problem.