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Yes, it’s true, my little world is tightly circumscribed. I can go for days at a time without protruding beyond a three-block radius. Is it my fault that everything I need is trundled to my doorstep? Although in my defense, if I need to defend this situation, I do have a few out-of-townity decals on my bumper. Much-prized ones. Take NYC, for example. Visiting NYC is like touring my subconscious. The density, the assault on my rods and cones, the narrow, deep streets, the underground, the shadows. Everyone needs a meatspace embodiment of that territory. NYC is mine. When I return to Norfolk, it’s as if I switched the video to slow motion. So benign. Seeming almost deserted. Quiet. Kind of petering out here, aren’t I? Must find 5 hour energy.