Click on the pic to explode it to stupendous proportions.

I already posted this drawring on Facebook for my ADD friends, but here it is for you Luddites, and you know who you are, who stubbornly resist jumping on the bandwagon--or the turnip truck, depending on your point of view, and you know what it is. Anyways, I drew this house in the Prospect Park South neighborhood of Brooklyn just because it looked interesting. But it turns out this is Robert Longo’s house. The artist, you Phyllis teens! Jesus. Anyhoo, what else is new with me? Well, a conservative friend of mine told me to go fuck myself the other day. Feel kind of ambivalent about that. I must be doing something right and I must be doing something wrong. The cute little avatars that sit on my shoulders, the one with the pitchfork and the one with the halo, whisper their admonitions in my ears, and as science tells me, when their respective sound waves meet in the skull-delimited void, they neatly cancel each other out, creating a mindless sense of bliss, and a strong desire for an inch of Laphroaig. Not a bad way to pass the time.