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I tossed in the above just to have a visual. It's from an email sketchy thing I did back in the '05s or thereabouts. The reason I needed to dig around for a visual is that a photo of a soon-to-be-deceased cat would be too traumatizing for the delicate flowers who follow me here. You see, last night al Qatta chewed through the charger cable to my MacBook, rendering it useless. As luck would have it, she didn't electrocute herself, and you'll notice I haven't added a qualifier to the word 'luck', since which kind is very much in question at the moment. Today I went to the Apple Store and paid $82 for a new one. Just in case you might be fooled from its price into believing that this is yet another magical Apple creation that will usher in a whole new era of personal computing, it's not. It's a wire that delivers a current from an outlet to a laptop. And that's all it does. That's the price I pay for being an "Apple fanboi", as a colleague of mine derisively calls me. I remind myself that I'm experiencing a moment's annoyance, but he has to sit in front of a PC every day all day.