Click to see a freakin fish lake!

This is the little fish pond in our backyard. There are lots of goldfish in it. Hot weather, cold weather, they’re always there. And we don’t do a thing. I mean I avoid peeing in it, as tempting as that is, so I guess that’s something. But I don’t put fish food in there, or pour hot water in it when it’s freezing cold and whatnot. But there they are, swimming around like crazy. That’s my idea of a miracle. Even more of one than the time I was really really hungry for a Whopper but I was broke, and then I found a $10 bill in my coat pocket!! Okay, maybe not more of a miracle than that, but pretty close. Not enough of one to trick me into believing in God, though. There are leagues and leagues of superheroes who could keep goldfish alive in an untended pond, I bet. At least that’s the kind of thing my geeky art friends debate after drawing group. Now if I looked in there and saw a salmon, that might tend to sway me. Or if I got really hungry for some Cheetos and found a million dollars in my pocket. That might do it.