Regretful Update

I just received an email from Amazon Local offering me a "Care Wash". I thought, what a great idea! I find I am caring way too much these days about things I can do absolutely nothing about, and it weighs heavily on my huge brain. How nice would it be to have all those cares washed away? Well, when I called the number, it turned out to be for some goddamn auto detailing place, which the guy who answered the phone explained to me with a somewhat disrespectful tone, and a bit of unwarranted snickering. He was clearly unaware that he was speaking to an Artist, "one of the finest artists of his generation", as Artforum claimed, or would have if they had ever met me. Well, long story short, I'm starting out this Friday a sadder but wiser man. I mean, if you can't trust Amazon, who can you trust?