There are days when I never seem to settle down and give 100% attention to the work at hand. Sometimes I can take advantage of that and make something out of the sloppy, loose drawing style that results. Other times, it's just a pile of sloppy loose carp. Well, not "carp" exactly, because that would imply I had created a pile of fish. A sloppy loose pile of fish, which, if you were to have a pile of fish, is not the kind of pile you would like to have, I'm guessing. No, perhaps the word "crap" would have fit better in that sentence than "carp". I'll certainly take it under consideration. That said, as people are fond of saying, the in-between-times sketches of peripheral figures, generally clothed, often turn out better, as they did last night. When I'm distracted by non-drawing-group issues, a focus-demanding situation like a naked person sitting in a spotlight is not the ideal setting for an outpouring of creativity. Although it's hard to beat for sheer entertainment value.